Our company has been designing, designing and implementing interior and exterior spaces for yachts since 1985. The closed area of ​​the production facility is 1500 m2.

Our company, which performs decorations in modern and classical styles, indoors; The entire furniture group, from carpets to curtains, from bedspreads to ceiling and side coverings, in outdoor areas; uses carefully selected products in all its designs, from awnings and sunbathing cushions to park, height and pool tarpaulins.

While reflecting your personality and style, all materials used outdoors for our boats with intense sun and humidity are imported, stainless, and textiles are waterproof and colorfast. For indoors, products that are stain-proof, easy to clean and not affected by humidity are preferred.

Our company, which offers special designs for your boat, offers solutions from A to Z for all the accessories you need. As a result of the experience and experience it has gained over the years, it has become a solution partner to these companies by undertaking all the interior and exterior design of the yachts produced by many companies that have made a name for themselves in the yacht production sector in our country.

Our Mission; is to emphasize that confidence-injuring situations such as failure to keep up with the day known by everyone in the service sector, failure to keep promises, and that it is at least as important as the quality of the work we do, and to maintain it throughout our field of activity.

With the principle of continuous development, it supported all its administrative and production staff with training at determined times annually and celebrated its successes with all its personnel by adopting the team spirit. In order to follow the technological and scientific developments in the sector, it has been a close follower and participant of the domestic and international fairs and organizations held throughout the year.